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You found us! Incense Cloud has one of the most diverse collections of herbal incense on it’s website. You’re going to love interesting scents from the most popular herbal smoke. We have all of the most popular incense! Like WTF by Mr Nice Guy Incense, Caution Incense, Bizarro Incense, Mad Hatter Incense, Orgazmo Incense, and many more! Here at Incense Cloud we believe in fast shipment, friendly customer service, and securely providing high quality herbal incense online to our customers. We also strive to stay up to date on current events and market news, so we can be leaders in product knowledge. By being in the know about legislation and policy we are able to help our online botanical community with awareness. We do this so we can always carry the most potent and Legal Herbal Incense available.

We provide Cheap Herbal Incense to our retail customers as well as lucrative wholesale herbal incense opportunities to our affiliates and partners. Incense Cloud is looking forward to servicing your orders and the general needs of the Online Herbal Incense Community. Our goal at is to be on the forefront of knowledgeable and responsible companies. We conduct thorough research on all the products we carry to ensure that they are the best potent spice blends on the market. Not only to we make sure all of our potpourri products are strong, but 100% legal as well. We don’t just provide our clients with natural alternatives to medicine and relaxation focused therapy, we offer peace of mind too. But don’t think of us as your legal buds! We are only providing you with top notch herbal incense for aroma purposes, and nothing our website publishes should be considered as legal advice.

Our products are meant to relax and sooth the senses during aromatherapy session, or simply used as sweet aromatic herbal smoke scents to brighten up your home. This is done by placing a small amount of incense to be burned on top of a lit coal in an incense burner in a room that is well-ventilated.

Incense Cloud urges you not to abuse our products as legal highs. These products are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Those who do hurt the potential for more aromatic experiences for others around the country. When you misuse our products for legal highs you are making more beautiful scents become illegal. According to the DEA and other Law Enforcement Agencies, smoking, inhaling herbal smoke or ingesting Herbal Incense could lead to serious harm, it’s not worth it! Sit back and enjoy the beautiful herbal smoke and rare scents our herbal incense products in an incense burner only, the way they were intended to be enjoyed.

Incense Cloud warns against the misuse of our products and by accessing this site you agree to use incense products purchased from this website in an incense burner ONLY. These products are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! We are also not responsible for any damages or injury caused by 3rd party misuse of the products sold on this site. We are still making some fine-tuning adjustments to our website, if you have suggestions or questions please contact us.

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We take pride in providing our customers with the best prices and customer service. If you ANY problem with your order, do not hesitate to contact us!

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