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Welcome to Incense Cloud! Thanks for wanting to know more about us. If you’ve been wondering where to get the best herbal incense online, then wonder no more. Incense Cloud provides the best potent potpourri, herbal incense, and herbal spice blends available on the market today. We work hard to be the leader of online herbal incense suppliers to better serve the online botanical community. We offer our customers super low prices, so they can get cheap strong herbal incense online from a retailer they can trust. We also supply lucrative wholesale incense opportunities to our affiliates and partners.

Incense Cloud looks forward to fulfilling every order placed through our online herbal incense store. We will make sure your order is processed quickly and efficiently, and shipped out to you promptly. Your private information is safe with Incense Cloud. You never have to worry about your information being sold to any third party advertising companies, or getting spam mail when you order online like some other companies.

Here are the questions about our herbal incense company you’ll learn the answers to:

  • How does Incense Cloud pick the products offered on this website?
  • How does Incense Cloud determine the quality of these products?
  • What does an online herbal incense company like Incense Cloud do when orders are placed?
  • What kind of people work at this herbal incense online store?
  • Where can coupons for herbal incense and special offers on herbal incense be found?

How we determine what products we carry is an in-depth process. Aromatic advocates everywhere give best-selling incense products like ours great reviews. Incense Cloud pays attention to other products that start off with a good review as well. We also take notice when our own customers recommend a potpourri or start talking about new and upcoming products. First we’ll see what product name is becoming hot and desired in the herbal incense community. Then Incense Cloud will order some of that product and begins the technical testing phase. When it comes to new herbal incense products we will conduct a series of controlled tests to see how a product’s quality measures up against other herbal scents we’ve carried in the past. After this step we take the knowledge we’ve gained and then hold staff meetings to survey our knowledgeable team of aromatherapy enthusiasts.

There is a reason that our staff loves working here at Incense Cloud. They have the final say on whether a potpourri is powerful enough to pass on to our customers. A level of high enough quality, consistency, and potency is key in this decision. If the product’s quality is truly as great as promised, we will add the product up on our website.

That is how some of the best products on the market today end up being sold online right here at Incense Cloud. We offer nothing but the most popular incense products we can to all of our customers!

Our staff is made up of an interesting mix of people who have many different talents and experiences. Some have been patients of aromatherapy. Others have studied and practiced agricultural methods, and are learning the art behind incense. A few employees are in charge of graphic design for in-house products needing unique labels and names. Then there are the people who work on writing accurate and unique descriptions for our popular herbal incense products. We also work with companies we trust who test and conduct research on herbal incense products, so we’re constantly updated on product knowledge.

If you want special deals on herbal incense we carry then all you have to do is ‘Like!’ our Facebook page. You can also find special low prices and coupons for our herbal spice blends when you ‘Follow’ us on our Twitter profile. We have special offers and crazy low price deals all the time, so check back often to stay up to date!

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We care about quality, and our customers! So if you have any other questions about Incense Cloud all you have to do is go to our Contact Us page, and fill out the form to get in touch with us!