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Herbs McSpice Incense Rules and Regulations Officer

Official Rules for Free Incense Contests

Official Rules for Incense Cloud Contests, Challenges, Giveaways, and Free Incense Awards The rules listed herein shall apply to any and all future Contests, Challenges, Puzzles, Games, Freebies, Gifts, and any other competition related events (from here on referred to collectively as ‘Games”) that are hosted by Incense Cloud (hereby referred to as “Incense Cloud”) […]

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fhi has the best incense today

Best Incense Today, We Got It!

Some popular brands include Caution Incense, and Alice in Wonderland too. Visit our store and browse our website for a detailed view of all of the best incense today. Our product line of the best brands won’t disappoint!

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FHI is the number one trusted website in our industry!

Best Herbal Incense Site 2015

We are super excited to announce that we are the Number One Trusted Best Herbal Incense Site for 2015! Last year we were proud to be the focus of so much attention and customer loyalty, and with this new award we hope to continue on with our excellent service record and potent incense sales! There […]

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Cheap herbal incense online at FHI!

Herbal Incense Online Update for Fine Herbal!

Popular incense supplier Fine Herbal Incense is excited to announce it’s upcoming ideas for promos for all of their fans and followers this December. Discounts and giveaways on popular Sexy Monkey Herbal Incense, iBlown Herbal Incense, and WTF by Mr. Nice Guy Incense are just the start for the owners of FHI. The Fine Herbal […]

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fhi cheap herbal incense

Have you seen this? Jar Mix Madness?!?

Jar Mix Madness You know we are so happy for all of our awesome fans, we’re giving something back! Have you seen this wicked deal: Jar Mix Mania! You get 20 jars of some sick and powerful scents, TWENTY JARS for just $99.99! Some of the brands include Mad Monkey Herbal Incense, Vendetta Incense, and […]

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herbal incense videos from FHI

Fine Herbal Incense Videos

That’s right, videos are coming back! Some of you may remember that FHI had released a herbal incense video that was published not so long ago, but it didn’t stay public for long. Fine Herbal Incense fans on our Facebook Page have been crying out, demanding that we show more.

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Get the Most Wicked Brands at Fine Herbal Incense

Popular Incense: Diablo Botanical Incense, PURE Diamond Incense, and Green Giant Incense! Why should you buy from FHI?   What does it take to enjoy the best herbal incense experience? An online shopping trip to the best online shop in the incense business, Fine Herbal Incense! While there are several vendors that promise you the […]

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The Many Uses of Herbal Incense

The Many Uses of Herbal Incense Here’s a post about the many uses of herbal incense, and how I think it helps people. With wholesale herbal incense products now available at Fine Herbal Incense, you can use several of your favorite brands to create the perfect blend, and at a price that won’t burn your […]

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