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What is Incense Cloud policy on Free Herbal Incense Samples?

“Give me Free Herbal Incense or Click Off!”

Marley is going to educate you guys tonight.

marley educates fans on free herbal incense policies and updates

Last time I talked about our dedication to our herbal incense fans and I shared a particular story about a customer who USPS screwed over and how we helped him out to make his day. That was a special case that we handled for an herbal incense fan who wasn’t having any luck with other incense supplies  online, and we were happy to help him out.

But we want to be clear that we are not softies who will put up with people trying to scam us, our website, or our customers. Which is why I want to delve a little deeper into our free bag of herbal incense policy at Incense Cloud.

At Incense Cloud we do not give out items for free to just any stranger who asks. A lot of people think that isn’t cool, but hear me out on why we have this policy on free herbal incense in the first place.

It has been brought to our attention more than once, and thus has become a cause for concern that many of our competitors will lure customers in with promises of free goodies and then wait for a customer to spend the big bucks before striking them out. Now this means that even if they do deliver on that promise the first time, it is more often than not that this site is only waiting until they have passed the initial “first purchase” test.

The first purchase test goes something like this:

When a customer wants to buy something from an herbal incense online store, but they do not know if the website is trustworthy or not, they’ll often try “testing” them out to see if they receive their order with no issues. The first purchase will be for some low price spice that doesn’t cost too much, just in case something goes wrong. The thought process behind this is when starting with a low cost amount, even if something does go wrong, at least it was only 15 bucks or so, right?

But things can get worse from there. After the first purchase goes well, and they’ve gotten their order, the next time a customer visits that website they might be inclined to buy more herbal incense, sometimes for a much larger amount of money. That is when the hammer drops: suddenly you’re seeing no contact, no updates from customer service, no goods come to your door, no nothing. Except your money is gone. Then you’re just another customer who got burned by an herbal incense business that doesn’t care.

Now I’m not saying this is how it happens every single time.

Or even that it happens every other time or often. But to be honest, the amount of stories we get from people who say they’ve been ripped off by so-and-so is WAY higher than I ever would have thought it to be.

By giving out whatever cheap product an herbal incense website is overstocked on, they make more than double profit with the money they make on taking orders and not delivering any goods at all for them. I’m calling it the smooth, soothe, and smoke ’em method of selling herbal incense. Because it all boils down to smooth talk, soothing promises, and in the end it is your money that goes up in smoke.

That is just one reason that it isn’t common for us to give out free herbal incense samples to newcomers.

Another reason that it is rare for us to just hand out freebies is because at Incense Cloud what we value most is our loyal customers, and the last thing we want to do is alienate them by giving out free herbal incense to newcomers while they sit back on their hands, you know?

The Finest Legal Spice, at a Fine Low Price

We have legitimate products, at fine prices, and we know that the money you spend by buying from us actually ends with you getting the product that you ordered. That’s a promise from all of us here at Incense Cloud.

So about now you might be asking yourself, “How do I get something for free from Incense Cloud? Does that ever happen?” Well it just so happens to be your fine lucky day, because I’m telling you that it DOES happen occasionally!

We do want to keep things interesting for you guys, so we come up with clever ways for you to earn free prizes from time to time. You can get in on the action easily! Lucky fans who participate in contests that we hold on our Facebook Page are awarded prizes like free products, special discount codes for 50% off, buy one get one free deals exclusive to them, and more.

We also ask our fans what prizes they would like from time to time too. If you participate then you can make sure you get something that you like! If you’re after a bag of free herbal incense from Incense Cloud, be sure to like our page and participate!

That is all for today folks, I’ve got some messages I’m sure I have to respond to. I’ll be back with more updates, news, and contest plans really soon. Until then, why don’t you check out the newly updated FAQ page? I spent a few hours on it last week to help shed some light on how our ordering process works to hopefully make things a little smoother for people from now on. Let us know what you think!

Until then, peace love and potpourri, I’m Marley, and I’m outtie.

~ Marley

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