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Spice Stories and Herbal Incense Incidents

Spice Stories | Herbal Incense Incidents

So today I wanted to write on what I love the most about you Incense Cloud fans is how honest you guys are with us . We like that we can talk with you guys and host fun games without having one of those icy cold corporate attitudes.  When you take the time to send us a message or general question on our Facebook Page, I try my best to make sure and reply to each and every one of you. I know sometimes that it can be rough waiting on a response, but we are only human! That is a good thing in the long run though, because it means we care about you as a person in addition to your business. We really care about being the most trusted website for buying herbal incense online, so we do our best to hold ourselves to higher standards.

Unlike some of the other herbal incense shops online…

When I see a message from someone who was ripped off by one of our competitors, it makes me so mad! It is just bad mojo, you know? We’re all about the good vibes here at FHI. But if I’m being honest with you guys, I’m glad that those situations (as bad as they are) at least they have a silver lining to them. When someone shares with us their story about bad experiences elsewhere, it give us the chance to really shine by protecting our fans by warning you guys, it also gives us a hand by allowing us to prove to you all that not everybody in the legal spice business is dirty or backwards: Incense Cloud is a name you can trust, and we mean that! We love seeing so much repeat business from our fans, and if there ever is a problem with an order, we do our best to make it right.

Even in situations when a problem with a misplaced shipment arises that isn’t our fault, we’ll do our best to help you out!

Here is an herbal incense incident that happened a couple of weeks months ago.


That really must have been a “just can’t win” kind of feeling. Especially for a guy who hadn’t ever done business with us before to not get his order randomly on the first try, even if it wasn’t our fault. Lots of companies would say oh well that isn’t our responsibility or our problem. But after helping him with the contact info for USPS and even helping him track down to where the last check in for his package’s tracking was, I found out something else interesting: It turns out that this customer had even MORE bad luck before he placed his order with us at Incense Cloud. He was ripped off by another website just before coming to ours!

Just be careful who you do business with online! It doesn’t matter what the industry is, always be smart when it comes to your personal information!

herbal incense suppliers

I just didn’t want him to have one more bad experience buying herbal incense online. So we fixed the mistake that USPS made by sending this unlucky in  a new order no charge. I tracked the package the whole way, and when it finally was delivered, the customer was really happy to get his Mr. Nice Guy Incense. He was very appreciative of the gesture, especially coming from a company that sells herbal incense online.

Incense Cloud may not be a mega-corp brand that is known the world over, but we are happy to help out our customers when we can. Even if it takes a little time to get to people. In this case, we were more than happy to send him his incense, because it just gave us one more chance to prove how dedicated we are to our customers!

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