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Top 3 Most Popular Potent Potpourri

Top 3 Most Popular Potent Potpourri of March

Hey everybody! Marley here with an update on some of our best sellers of the month, and a couple bonus scents that got some amazing potency product points from our fans!

Top 3 Most Popular Potent Potpourri

The #3 Top Selling Spice of the Month is *drumroll* (I know I’m lame, shush!)

Bling Bling Monkey Herbal Incense!

legal spice most popular number three is bling bling monkey herbal incense!

The #2 Most Popular Potent Herbal Incense of the Month of March is………. (ready?!)

Get Real Herbal Incense!!

march second place popular potent potpourri!

The #1 Best Seller for March Sneaks in ahead of Get Real at the last minute…..

WTF by Mr. Nice Guy!!!

legal k2 spice wtf by mr nice guy is the top seller this month

Just a few days ago Get Real herbal incense was actually in the number one spot, but WTF by Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Incense snuck past at the last second and got in at first place!

And I wanted to mention just one more of our Incense Cloud products for this month’s round up. Though it didn’t make top three, it is actually in the top five, and a super awesome Incense Cloud Fanatic informed me on our Facebook Page that this incense was DEFINITELY worth mentioning because of it’s super strong, super long lasting aroma!!

If you haven’t yet, then definitely consider giving BIZARRO HERBAL INCENSE a try the next time you come to Incense Cloud to buy! You won’t regret it!

That is it for updates for now, but rest assured we have lots of cool stuff in the works for you guys. Hoping you are all having a super mellow yellow week and much love from me to you,


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